Georges Brasserie PrincipleSince 1987, Giorgio Bakatsias has been the creative force behind more than thirty fine dining restaurants, food venues, and gourmet markets. His incredible gift of vision for the customer experience – along with his intuitive sense of cutting-edge trends in dining, and his international talent for menu composition- has resulted in legendary praise both from local and national food critics.

Now, a world renowned Restauranteur, Giorgios acquired his love of cooking at his mother´s stove in the quiet village of Karista, Greece. At the age of 12, George immigrated to the United States with his family to pursue the American Dream of success. His parents’ enterprise, a small diner above which they lived, was his introduction to Durham and the American way-of-life.

Giorgio´s culinary education has been a world-wide learning experience, from Paris to the Mediterranean to New York. By the age of 23, he already owned several restaurant properties and has conceived numerous more. His passion, talent and enthusiasm for life have lead to some remarkable experiences... from carrying the Olympic torch during his brief career as an athlete, to catering an event for 10,000 guests on the White House lawn.

George Bakatsias is known for his boundless energy, unmistakable laugh and eternal optimism- proving that if you embrace life, it will give you untold experiences and pleasures.

Andrew Dodd, or Drew, is a Nashville, Tennessee native who came to Charlotte to pursue his culinary career.  Drew was formally educated at Johnson & Wales University but his passion for cooking began at a very young age while cooking meals for his family.  Drew has been in a professional kitchen since the age of 15.  Through his cooking journey, Drew has served as Sous Chef for Dalt’s Diner and Bosco’s Restaurant and Brewery in Nashville, and Sous Chef for Lava Bistro here in Charlotte.  Immediately prior to joining Georges Brasserie, Drew was an integral member of the highly regarded team at Ratcliffe on the Green, a farm to fork concept in Downtown Charlotte, where he worked closely with local farmers and unique ingredients to support the slow food efforts in Charlotte while providing memorable meals for their guests.  “I am excited and honored to represent Georges Brasserie as Executive Chef.  I am here to serve.”

Bringing more than a decade of restaurant knowledge and experience to Georges Brasserie. After studying at Institut Culinaire de Vichy, Patrick has worked his way through the ranks from food runner to General Manager. He has experience in a wide range of restaurant groups in New York City that include: Crown Group, Alto, Restaurant Daniel, La Cote Basque, Aureole and Le Regence.
A French native, Garrivier currently resides in Pineville, North Carolina.